Unlikely but overwilling, the embryonic form of Boston’s There Were Wires (formed on Martha’s Vineyard in 1999) traversed every basement, rec hall and dive club in the city to blow out speakers and vocal chords alike with their explosive brand of hardcore punk. Their blend of harshly emotive dissonance and punchy, anthemic songs pulled inspiration from bands like Converge, Portraits of Past, and Unbroken. Though it’s true that TWW’s live shows were a powder keg of chaos, the true gooey center of the band revealed an honest vulnerability that belied the tough crowd of contemporaries, which gained them a small but devoted cult following in the New England scene.

After several self-released demo tapes and CD’s, TWW teamed up with Iodine Recordings for a professional version of their debut S/T record (including a live radio set), as well as their final 2003 record ‘Somnambulists’, which tread into darker, moodier, and more atmospheric territory than ever before. The boys disbanded shortly after this release with a final show in 2004, which led to the formation of the bands Disappearer, Doomriders, and No Flowers.

Nearly two decades later, with fresh new vinyl re-releases of both records in tow, TWW is poised to return to the stage once again. 4/28/23 will see the band reunited at ‘The Sinclair’ in Cambridge Massachusetts, with guests Sinaloa and Have a Nice Life. At the time of this writing, there are even rumors of new riffs and secret material in the works, which have been neither confirmed or denied. For now, what TWW’s second life yields beyond another chance to sing and dance with fans - both old and new - remains to be seen.

There Were Wires: Jaime Mason, Jebb Riley, Thomas Moses, Joseph Thomas, and Ryan Begley.


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