Trudging their way back from the swamps of Floridian middle age, Tampa Bay’s (or more specifically, St Pete's) Horsewhip drag LP3 into the light of day. They’ve partnered with Iodine Recordings this time, returning with eight new songs of rhythmic hammering, swirling waves of distortion, and more shredded vocal cords.

A slight lineup change has guitarist Shaun Drees taking over lead vocals while adding Dave Teten on second guitar, adding to the arsenal of an already locked in group of veteran musicians and resulting in stronger, more dynamic songs this time around. The recent split EP with fellow Floridian heavy hitters Yashira, gave a small taste of this, with the track 'Circadian Rhythm' demonstrating the new lineup’s intent to rip harder than ever before. These guys have spent the last couple years honing their brand of raw, pounding hardcore and the results on this LP are impressive.

Tracked by John Howard at War House Recordings in Gainesville, FL, the still untitled record will be released TBD.

Horsewhip: Shaun Drees, Jeff Howe, Alex Bond, Dave Teten.
Photo by: Dave Decker


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