With a sound as diverse as its members, East Coast melodic punk band The Iron Roses deliver high-energy anthems for the excluded, unheard and unseen. They seamlessly bring together three part harmonies, doo-wop, reggae, and ska influences for a live show that draws the audience in for intense and joyful community building. Anger, joy, desperation and hope all have a place within this cacophony of sound.

The Iron Roses are set to release their self-titled album of protest songs in the Fall 2023.

The Iron Roses:
Nathan Gray - Vocals
Becky Fontaine - Vocals
Pedro Aida - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Philip "Eugenius" Smith - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Michael Espinosa - Bass & Backing Vocals
Steve Cerri - Drums

“The Iron Roses' latest album is a great piece of contemporary music with a lot of passion behind it and a political message that will stand the test of time” — Veil of Sound


The Iron Roses tour dates

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