TEARDROPS are a group of 4 friends who like hanging out and writing songs. Each member has been in other bands, but right now we are talking about this band. TEARDROPS started in 2020 because the time was right. Sorry you are just now finding out about it. The 5 songs on “Something To Cry About” are a lead glass window into human experiences including but not limited to: beauty, confusion, joy (presence of and lack of), manipulation, epiphany, longing, regret, abject terror, liberation, helplessness, and the many faces of love. Things that make you cry. If you are human, this might resonate with you. The music sounds like TEARDROPS. TEARDROPS recorded these songs in a basement by themselves and did their best to make it sound good. Zachary Rippy handled mixing and made it sound professional. Brad Boatright mastered it so that it is properly loud. TEARDROPS will be playing shows. Bring earplugs.

And tissues.

TEARDROPS: Jebb Riley, Joseph Thomas, Earl Brown, Chris Bevilacqua
Official Pages: Instagram 
Press/PR: amy@atomsplitterpr.com