Dead Bars began in Seattle when punk drummer John Maiello ditched the sticks, picked up a guitar and started writing short blasts of no-bs-power-punk-rock in 2013. Soon after, NJ punk drummer C.J. Frederick joined to play drums and guitar. They quickly recorded and released five 7-inches, toured all over & made festival appearances, and eventually recorded their debut album, Dream Gig in C.J. 's home kitchen which saw a release in 2017. At the time, DIY punk zine Razorcake wrote of the album, "Dead Bars make something impossible to duplicate look so simple and attainable."

The next phase of the band introduced Jon Oddo from Kansas City on bass guitar. The three started making their next album Regulars which was released in 2019. Shortly after, Elliot Thordarson and Paul Davis came in to fill out the lineup on guitar and drums respectively. The group continues to consistently release new singles, mixtapes, live material, and most recently a new EP titled Sinkhole that is packed with "bruised romantic tunefulness," according to Stereogum.

2023 marks the 10-year anniversary of the group and starts the next phase of the Dead Bars story. The future is unwritten. The family is growing, and the universe is vast. Dead Bars Forever.

Dead Bars: John Maiello, C.J. Frederick, Elliot Thordarson, Jon Oddo, Paul Davis 

"Emotional singalong anthems -- perfect for screaming along after you've had a beer, or five." – KERRANG!


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