Washington, D.C.’s NØ MAN are the result of 25+ years of musical camaraderie. Matt Michel (guitar/vocals), Pat Broderick (drums) and Kevin Lamiell (bass) first played together as the legendary screamo band Majority Rule from 1996 to 2004, a band that helped to form the foundations of an entire genre. All the while, long-time friend Maha Shami (vocals) has been creatively intertwined with them, notably contributing guest vocals to the band’s 2002 track “Packaged Poison.” After Majority Rule reunited in 2017 to play benefit tours across the East and West Coasts, they felt something had come alive; a drive not just to reignite old friendships and creative avenues, but to forge something brand new. NØ MAN.

In 2018, NØ MAN self-released their debut LP, Devils Cast Long Shadows. This was fired-up, crushing hardcore punk, though not without an elastic edge to it that hinted at greater, darker depths. They explored those further on its follow-up, 2020’s Erase, where Shami’s near-unhinged fury sits alongside complex melodic arcs. Meanwhile, the band has been on tour with Portrayal of Guilt, Darkest Hour, The HIRS Collective, FAIM, Entry and more. They’ve also contributed to Secret Voice’s Balladeers, Redefined compilation, and collaborated with The HIRS Collective on the track “Sweet Like Candy.”

In 2023, NØ MAN have signed to Iodine Recordings, with a new LP in the works for early 2024. A new single is forthcoming soon.

NØ MAN: Maha Shami, Matthew Michel, Kevin Lamiell, Pat Broderick.


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