New England has always served as a breeding ground for some of the most passionate and heartfelt voices in hardcore. Meet Love Letter, the latest powerhouse to join this esteemed lineage.

The seeds for Love Letter were planted in 2017, when guitarist Jay Maas texted vocalist Quinn Murphy on New Years Day about joining together for a new project. Having long been friends, the question of writing music together was more of a when than an if, given the similar roads they’ve traveled. Both musicians cut their teeth with some of the best bands in the New England hardcore world; Quinn Murphy in Verse and Jay Maas in Defeater.

Guitarist Jay Maas has also produced countless records for other bands at Massachusetts’ Getaway Recordings including Bane, Counterparts, Greet Death and more. After being behind the scenes on so many great records, Maas is getting back in the driver’s seat and showing off what a great hardcore record sounds like. “This was my opportunity to put together my version of the dream team,” Maas says. “Having produced records for two decades now Ive had the opportunity to work with thousands of musicians intimately and for this project I got to hand select the cream of the crop.”

Today the band is releasing their debut single “New Anthemic,” a track that perfectly exemplifies the many colors the group uses in their sonic palette. Slamming to an open, singer Quinn Murphy sounds furious while not sacrificing legibility in lyrics. Every word they scream is accompanied by equally emotive instrumentals lead by Maas’ guitar work. The song jukes what you might think comes next, slowing down a bit into a quiet intensity before rocketing back in loudness. It’s a display of controlled chaos, and a declaration of what to expect from the band.

With a full-length debut in the works for later this year on Iodine Records, this is only the beginning for Love Letter. Though familiar traces of Defeater and Verse permeate through the band, this is the next step in both Maas and Murphy’s creative expression. There’s a total freedom in the band’s songwriting, and their desire to push the limits of where heartfelt, emotive and heavy music can go is apparent with every note and word.

Love Letter: Andrew Reitz, Matthew Spence, Dave Alcan, Quinn Murphy, Jay Maas.
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