Ep.208: Geoff Rickly of Thursday

Keith sits down with Geoff Rickly to discuss his new novel "Someone Who Isn't Me", the early stages of writing the novel, the creative process and how Geoff refined and revised his writing, Geoff's story of addiction and recovery which became the basis of the novel and some ideas that didn't make it into the final draft. We also discuss Thursday, their meteoric rise after the release of "Full Collapse", parting ways with Victory Records and signing with Island / Def Jam, their major label debut "War All The Time", their banned music video for the album's title track, their follow up LP "A City By The Light Divided" and the initial end of the band. We also cover No Devotion, how Geoff joined the band, their debut LP "Permanence", winning album of the year at the Kerrang awards, their 2022 LP "No Oblivion", United Nations, almost getting sued by the actual UN, Geoff's former label Collect Records, the Ink & Dagger Reunion and more. 

This episode is sponsored by: Deathwish Inc.
Photos by: @devanofnine