Ep. 234: Sean Ingram of Coalesce

Keith sits down with Sean Ingram to discuss how the recent Coalesce reunion came to be, the new approach the band is taking with their 2024 shows, some insight into Sean's life as an independent business owner, how Sean prepared his voice for the upcoming shows and the live performance that inspired Sean to step back into music. We also discuss the history of Coalesce, some of the difficulties the band faced in the early days with each other and with others, the recording of "012: Revolution In Just Listening" and "Ox", how Sean's lyrical and vocal approach has evolved over the years, Sean's 2001 Krazy Fest performance with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sean's new band Idle Heirs, what's next for Coalesce and more. 

Photo by: @nathanielshannon
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