Ep.228: Kevin Baker of The Hope Conspiracy / All Pigs Must Die

Keith sits down with Kevin Baker to discuss growing up in Lynnfield Massachusetts, Kevin's history with music, discovering the local scene through skateboarding, early musical influences, his early work in Piecemeal, the end of the band and the beginning of The Hope Conspiracy. We also discuss the early days of The Hope Conspiracy, the rise of the band after the release of Cold Blue, THC's 2004 hiatus and Kevin's side project band Bars, some of the personal struggles he dealt with during this time, Bars' unreleased EP, the return of THC and the recording of their 2006 LP Death Knows Your Name, the formation of All Pigs Must Die, some of the band's history, the return of the Hope Conspiracy, their upcoming LP "Tools of Oppression/Rule By Deception" and more.
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