Ep.227: Dan Barrett of Have a Nice Life / Giles Corey / In Pieces

Keith sits down with Dan Barrett to discuss Lacanian psychoanalysis, hypnotism, early musical influences, the creative process, joining In Pieces as vocalist, the release of their 2004 LP "Lions Write History" and the beginning of Have a Nice Life. We also discuss the unique history of Have a Nice Life, the band's early days, the "Deathconsciousness" LP, the making of the record and it's initial DIY run, how the band's legend grew over time, how Dan's personal experience with death has influenced his music, Giles Corey, some of the band's history, the making of the "Deconstructionist" LP which has induced a trance state in some listeners, what's next for Dan's bands and more.
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Photos by: Tim Bugbee