Ep.222: Marc Byrd of Hammock

Keith sits down with Marc Byrd to discuss growing up in El Dorado, Arkansas and the difficult circumstances there, reconciling the past, early music influences, Marc's pre-Hammock band Common Children, their history, the end of the band and the formation of Hammock. We also discuss the history of Hammock, their debut LP "Kenotic", the trajectory of their music over the years, accidentally meeting Jónsi of Sigur Rós via Myspace and how that led to the first live Hammock performance, the 2012 double LP "Departure Songs" and some history behind the record, the making of the video for "Breathturn", the "Mysterium" LP written in remembrance of Marc's nephew Clark, the recent Hammock and Yellowcard collaborative LP "A Hopeful Sign", what's next for Hammock and more.

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Photos by: Brian Siskind @brian.siskind