Ep.215: J. Robbins of Jawbox / Burning Airlines / Government Issue

Keith sits down with J. Robbins to discuss his history with music, discovering the DC punk/hardcore scene, working at Dischord Records, joining Government Issue and his time with the band. We also discuss Jawbox, their creative process, signing with Atlantic Records and the major label experience, touring with Stone Temple Pilots, the 2009 reissue of "For Your Own Special Sweetheart" and reunion appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show and the 2019 reunion. We also discuss J's new solo LP "Basilisk", recording the LP, the meaning behind some of its songs, J's post-Jawbox band Burning Airlines, their debut LP "Mission: Control!", stories from tour, the end of the band, producing "Do You Know Who You Are" by Texas is the Reason, some of the records J has recorded, what's next for J's bands and more.

Photo by: David LaMason @dangermaus