Ep.213: Aaron Turner of Sumac / Hydra Head Records

Keith sits down with Aaron Turner to discuss moving from New Mexico to Boston, discovering the local scene, befriending Converge and Cave In, the beginning of Hydra Head Records, the label's visual aesthetic, inner workings and history, signing Botch, releasing "Until Your Heart Stops" by Cave In and the end of the label in 2020. We also discuss the formation of Isis the band, early influences, their progression in sound over the years, the "Oceanic" LP and the creative process behind it, signing with Ipecac Records, their collaboration with Aereogramme, the final LP "Wavering Radiant" and the end of the band. We also discuss Sumac, the ideology behind the band, their unique creative and song writing process, their live performances, band influences, the passing of Caleb Scofield and the subsequent benefit show featuring an Isis the band reunion and Old Man Gloom, what's next for Sumac and more.

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Photo by: Shannon Johnston