Ep.182: Dave Smalley of Dag Nasty / Don't Sleep

Keith sits down with Dave Smalley to discuss life and philosophy, discovering the hardcore scene in DC, the straight edge lifestyle, moving to Boston, forming DYS, the history of the band, almost signing with Elektra Records, the evolution of the scene in Boston at the time, a memorable Minor Threat gig that Dave attended, the end of DYS, joining Dag Nasty, recording Can I Say for Discord Records with Ian MacKaye producing, leaving the band to go to grad school in Israel, getting the call from Bill Stevenson to join ALL, life on the road with the band and their extensive touring schedule, leaving the band, the formation of Down By Law, signing with Epitaph records, Dave's latest band Don't Sleep, their latest LP "See Change" and more.

Guest Co-Host: Jason Camacho of Audio Karate. We discuss their new EP "A Show of Hands", some Audio Karate history, Jason's time away from music and more.

Keith also pays tribute to his friend and musician Terrence Walsh who recently passed away.

This episode is sponsored by New Morality Zine
Photos by: @jcphotomedia