The Rebirth of Iodine Recordings

Iodine Recordings began in 1996 distributing punk and hardcore records from a tiny, cramped apartment in Boston, MA via mail-order and print catalogs. Iodine later evolved into a record label that became well known for its contributions to the independent music scene throughout New England. Soon, the label became home to a number of notable bands and artists that would later be highly influential in underground music. Iodine didn’t have a large catalog of releases, rather we were known for the quality of our records, we poured everything we had into each release to make it special. We always did it for the love of music and for those who supported our artists.

We were always more than a label, and we were intimately involved with the scene as a whole. We booked shows, managed tours, promoted our friends, and helped build and foster a strong community around the scene. This was most prevalent each year when we hosted our annual music festival, Iodine Fest. We always brought together our friends and some of the best bands of the era in punk, hardcore, and emo, and we always left the door open to new local bands to give them the opportunity to be a part of something bigger.

In 2004, due to financial difficulty, we made the very difficult decision to shut down and close the label. This decision left many of our bands feeling lost and without a home. I left the music scene to hike the Appalachian Trail and travel the world. Life went on, things changed, I grew and learned, yet I never felt right about how things ended with Iodine. I had unfinished business.

Seventeen years later I found myself coming back and reconnecting with old friends. The idea to revitalize the label began with There Were Wires, who always wanted to see their finest work, Somnambulists, released on vinyl. Somnambulists was the final release on Iodine before we closed our doors and it never got the proper attention it deserved. It was only fitting that this be the first project for the rebirth of the label. It could not have happened without the help of Tor Johnson Records who directed this project and made it come to life. I am proud to present Somnambulists on vinyl for the first time, with remastering and new artwork. We spent almost two years making this release perfect for you.

Iodine is, and always will be, an underground label that brings you the best music we can find. Thank you for your love and support. It is good to be back.

- Casey Iodine.

Iodine Mail Order Catalog from 1998. (Piebald)