Stretch Arm Strong announce new EP "The Revealing"

“We all have a brilliant light inside of us. Our light can seem inadequate and dim in times of darkness and struggle. We may need another person to shine their light on us so that we can see a path forward.

Sometimes, we can be the one to shine the light for others. 'Illuminating' was inspired by a story that was shared with us about a friend helping another friend see their own light.”

Some people say no bands truly break up. Whether or not you believe this to be true, or simply hope it's true, nobody can deny that the return of Stretch Arm Strong to the stage at Furnace Fest 2021 was a welcomed surprise that hardcore fans needed.

Having gone on hiatus in 2008, their presence filled the festival with a palpable energy that one would expect from the posi-core legends. It also allowed them to reconnect with their friends, fans, and each other as Stretch Arm Strong, a rewarding experience the band was reminded of as much as those who joyfully crowded in front of the stage. 

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before new music would be considered, or maybe not. Plenty of bands reunite to play old favorites and call it a day. Thankfully, not this time. After nearly two decades, the kings have returned with The Revealing, an EP that is so urgent and powerful, you'd think no time has passed at all before they last recorded.

With six songs clocking in at under fifteen minutes, the EP’s brevity is a testament to that first dynamic festival return and their eternal collective power as a band. No longer kids and now full-fledged adults with families and worlds outside of the band, Stretch Arm Strong is fully grounded in their craft and love for playing music as SAS. It's a mastery that slaps you with their unmistakable energy. 

Opening track "The Mirror" slams forward with total ferocity and youthfulness, showcasing why they're still an important part of the scene. "Still Believe Part III" follows up on previous entries with an absolute crusher, concluding with a monster of a breakdown. On "Take a Stand,"the band enlists Lou Koller from Sick of It All for a killer guest spot.

Formed in Columbia, South Carolina in 1992, Stretch Arm Strong quickly made a name for themselves in the world of hardcore with their frenetic musicianship and unflinching positivity that crossed boundaries of belief and genre.

The Revealing launches this legacy into a new era with the same energy they, and the countless listeners that have supported them throughout this time, love about this band. It’s a release that’s worthy of their exceptional discography, and a record that can only exist with the once-in-a-lifetime friendship and focus that Stretch Arm Strong has. 

The EP will be released on 12" vinyl. Available now for pre-order and streaming on digital platforms. Click here to listen and pre-order yours. Buying abroad? Visit DEVIL DOG (UK) and EVIL GREED (EU).


SAS is Chris, David, Jeremy, John and Scott
Gang vocals by Donna Dempsey, Ryan Dempsey, Jack Dempsey, Kevin Higgins, Mike Salerno, Mike “Smoogs” Smagula & SAS
Guest vocals on Take A Stand by Lou Koller / Sick of it All
Additional percussion and piano by Steve Evetts
Produced by Steve Evetts at Bell House Studios, Belleville, NJ
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side
Layout and design by Kevin Rej
Photos by JC Carey