Ritual Earth Rise From the Darkness

"I’d give my pain for you to feel what you’ve done to me."


When we entered 2020 we had no idea what obstacles would be in our way just in our personal lives as we attempted to finish and mix this record. The emotions that went through us during a time in which we were all remotely contributing to mixing notes and unable to see each other face-to-face was troubling and indeed worrisome, but ended up being the driving force and the last piece that this record needed prior to being considered comlpete.

Each peak and valley throughout the sonic landscape captured here almost mirrored the daily challenges and fear of the unknown we were experiencing personally, which ironically enough is also similar to the tales being told in these songs. And while this was never said out loud by any member of the band, I know for me personally I couldn’t help but think this may be the last thing I ever contribute to musically, so we needed to make every second count. There’s a certain feeling to that time for us that is also somehow captured here as well on this record. I can’t explain it, but it’s there.

During this time we were also reflecting on albums we grew up on, specifically albums that told a story and had fluidity from beginning to end. Albums that captured the listener, track by track, and invited them in as an equal participant as this is what we had hoped to achieve and I am most certain we did. While everyone enjoys a great single, we hope that this record is enjoyed and consumed as a complete package, as whole, from its mysterious beginning to its near tragic end.

And with all of this being said, we knew we had to find someone specific that we could trust and that was brave enough to help steer the ship safely, as for us it’s more than just a debut record; It’s what we lived that year. We are very proud and honored to release this through Iodine Recordings and we hope you enjoy this and join us on the journey that is MMXX. Thank you.

~ George Chamberlin
January 14, 2022
Philadelphia, PA

Photo by: Casandra Marie Photo