Quicksand | Celebrating 30 Years of "Slip"

On November 5, 2023, Iodine Recordings and Man Alive Creative hosted a special event at Generation Records in New York City to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Quicksand's 1993 debut album "Slip." The event featured a panel discussion about the creation of the album and Quicksand in the 90s. The panel was filmed and edited by Hate5six's Sunny Singh. 

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Iodine Recordings founder, Casey H. said about the event:

"The team at Iodine Recordings spent almost two years putting together the 30th anniversary edition of Quicksand’s iconic 1993 album ’Slip’. We wanted to celebrate this album every way we could and the event at Generation Records was an amazing way to wrap up everyone’s hard work, and to pay homage to this beloved record. It was really amazing to see Walter Schrerifels tell stories about writing and recording Slip, some of which many of us had never heard before. Photographer John Mockus, illustrator Melinda Beck, and Norman Brannon all helped paint the picture of what the scene looked like in 1993, and how Quicksand helped change the landscape for hardcore forever. It was an honor to sit on the stage with all of them and be a part of the preservation of a landmark record."

Tom Bejgrowicz of Man Alive Creative added:

"With the herculean effort that went into Slip's 30th anniversary, combined with the band playing the album on tour, it seemed only fitting that some of us should gather in the band's hometown of New York City at Generation Records and talk about the nuances of the album, the time in which the band and the songs were born, and expand upon the visual story. The panel I chose checked all the boxes: Walter represented the band, John captured the moments on film, Melinda's artistic vision is forever connected to Quicksand, Norm's frame-of-reference is second to none, and Casey had the vision to mark the anniversary in the most celebratory of ways. To put it lightly, it was a pleasure and a privilege it was to emcee the afternoon. Having Sunny and Hate5ix document that day to share with those who couldn't be there was the icing on the cake."

Walter Schreifels of Quicksand concluded about the event:

“It was so much fun to reminisce about Slip with this awesome panel of friends who were there at the time, and helped to make it such a special album for us.”

The panel included:
Walter Schreifels of Quicksand
Photographer John Mockus
Illustrator Melinda Beck
Writer/Musician Norman Brannon
Iodine Recordings founder Casey Horrigan
Hosted and Emceed by Tom Bejgrowicz
Filmed by Sunny Singh | @hate5six
Photography by Michelle Mennona