Jonah's Onelinedrawing (1999-2001), A Collection


“It's sad, it's silly, it's searching. A lot of it was made in the moment, with whoever was around, without much worrying about it. Looking back, it turns out the most lasting, universal songs and recordings tend to be the most personal ones.”

What does music mean to you? Is it catharsis? Friendship? A way to commune with others and reach deeper into yourself? Is it joy? Entertainment? A language when we otherwise struggle to speak? For all the ways music can manifest in our lives, and the bonds it creates within its communities, there are artists like Jonah Matranga who've lived them all and continue to give completely to it.

It is with great excitement that Iodine announces Sketchbook, the full ONELINEDRAWING collection from 1999 - 2001, fully remastered for vinyl and available now for streaming. Recorded largely in homes on the fly with people who happened to be there and willing to jam, it captures not only a place in time but the spirit of DIY in the truest sense. It's music made without pretense or plan, the kind that bubbles up from inside and spills out because it needs to. This is the first time these songs have been on vinyl. The Double LP is available for pre-order now and includes a 12-page zine by Norman Brannon (ANTI-MATTER ZINE, TEXAS IS THE REASON). 

Jonah Matranga has been making music for over 30 years. A prolific artist, he has become an enduring institution in the scene with a devoted fan base, rich lineage, and varied music career. Jonah has often straddled the line between the underground and mainstream. He’s worked with indie labels like Jade Tree and majors such as Atlantic, having fronted the bands FAR, NEW END ORIGINAL, and GRATITUDE.

His music has influenced bands from Deftones to Blink-182, and he was there for emo and post-hardcore giants in their earliest beginnings–taking bands such as Thursday and Dashboard Confessional on tour. Simply put, the scene cannot be separated from Jonah’s art.

Jonah has always written from the heart and performed in an intimate way that few others have accomplished. From basements to massive festivals, he brings the same energy to them all: raw honesty and an ability to make every show unique and personal. This is most apparent in Jonah’s solo and collaborative project ONELINEDRAWING. Jonah’s solo performance has always been about connecting with fans in an intimate setting, where they often perform with only a guitar and R2D2 sidekick.

Sketchbook exists as both a time capsule and thank you letter to fans and music itself–a combination of the period in which Jonah first embarked on his solo journey and a celebration of the vitality that music and community not only affords him but all of us. 



LYRICS BY: Jonah Matranga except 'Savory' by Jawbox, 'Got My List' by 7 Seconds, 'Engage' by Jonah Matranga & Micah Eberman, and 'Bye, Jon' contains lyrics from 'Building' by Sense Field.

SOUNDS BY: Jonah Matranga, except Walter Schreifels - Guitar solo in 'Always', Ian Love - Guitars on 'Be Real' and 'Always', Sammy Siegler - Drums on 'Be Real and 'Always', Jon Wiley - Vocals, claps, and stomps on 'Oh, I'm So Lucky', Allyson Seconds - Vocals on 'Got My List', and Dana Gumbiner - Production on 'Pollvanna'Kat Lanzillo on “Poison Darts.”

MASTERED BY: Mo Talaba at Numberstation Studio in Eugene, OR


Catch ONELINEDRAWING at ZBR Fest in Chicago this May and on their US tour in Spring 2024 and Europe in Summer 2024. Dates TBA. Follow @aonelinedrawingis  and @iodinerecordings on Instagram for updates.