Ep.230: Jacob Bannon of Converge / Umbra Vitae / Wear Your Wounds

Keith sits down with Jacob Bannon to discuss his daily life, band and work balance, the inner-workings of Deathwish Inc. and some of the label's history, changes in media and the music industry over the years, Umbra Vitae, how the band came together, their debut LP "Shadow of Life", Jacob's lyrical approach with the band, the making of their latest LP "Light of Death" and the themes behind the record. We also discuss Converge, the release of their 2001 LP "Jane Doe", the making of the record and the critical response at the time of its release, some insight into their follow up LP's "You Fail Me" and "No Heroes", Wear Your Wounds and some of their creative process, what's next for Converge, Blood Moon, Wear Your Wounds and more.
Photo by:  Cedric Oberlin
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