Ep.169: Kurt Ballou of Converge

The New Scene - Episode 169: Kurt Ballou of Converge / God City Studio. Available now on all platforms. Keith sits down with Kurt Ballou to discuss the early days of Converge , recording their now legendary LP "Jane Doe" and the legacy of that record, the band's creative process, the early days of God City Studio , recording Cave In's "Until Your Heart Stops", the pedals Kurt makes via God City Instruments, the ins and outs of running a studio, Converge Bloodmoon, what's next for the band and more.

Guest co-host: Jeffrey Smith of Jeromes Dream. We discuss the upcoming Jeromes Dream LP "The Gray In Between" and what Jeffrey and the band have been up to since his last visit to the show. This episode is sponsored by: Bridge Nine Records. Photos by: Nick Zimmer.