There Were Wires Return for First Live Show in 18 Years

04/28/23: Have a Nice Life, There Were Wires, Sinaloa @ The Sinclair - Cambridge, MA

There Were Wires had been discussing the idea of a reunion show for well over a decade, but with the sudden resurgence of interest in the band following our 2021 vinyl re-release of ‘Somnambulists’, it started to feel less like a pipe dream and more like a certainty. Myriads of text threads, Zoom meetings, and Google-flight-searches later, we all found ourselves in Jebb’s basement surrounded by the hum of amplifiers once again, digging through the crypt of riffs to see if the vibrations remained the same. 

And they did. 

After just a single brief reunion practice, core members Jaime Mason, Ryan Begley, Thomas Moses and Jebb Riley return with new addition (and old friend) Joseph Thomas (Purity’s Failure), to invoke the chaos one more time. You can find us on stage on April 28th at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA. We will be joined by the Moshtrogen general herself DJ Joan, pals from olden days ‘Sinaloa’, and contemporary faves ‘Have a Nice Life.’ This event marks nearly 20 years since TWW has played live. 

We do not know what lies for us beyond this show, but we do know it’s a joy and a privilege to give There Were Wires a second life, no matter how brief it may be. Thanks for taking part, and we hope to see you ripping it up with us in April.

- J. Mason / There Were Wires 

Tickets are sold out for this show, but you can get details at