The Darling Fire Return with the dark and bleak "Distortions"

“This place is a monument to my broken soul.”

This record is the one I’ve been waiting my entire life to make.

To have been fortunate enough to have written these songs with my husband and three great friends makes it even more unique.

It was created with all the blood, sweat, and tears we collectively had to give, and we faced so many crazy obstacles—and adventures—from inception to final master. Despite all the adversity, failure was never an option for me personally.

Writing these songs as a pandemic took hold of the world and wanting to complete them despite several small fires we had to put out over the past couple of years, was challenging, to say the least. In the end, it gave us time to reflect on what was important and helped to shape our sound. I personally tapped into a different side of myself that had been waiting to reach the surface and each song has its own little story, pulled from life experiences.

Our first single “Machina” begs the question: Who really supplies the power; thoughts; currency; attention; time; compassion; and fear required to run this odd place we inhabit?

Releasing this album with Iodine was a no-brainer. The concept for the label was in line with what we envisioned for The Darling Fire and we wanted to be there for the rebirth. It was a full-circle moment for Jeronimo and I, having crossed paths with Casey during The Rocking Horse Winner’s run.

Recording with Jay Maas was also a great experience. He was more than welcoming and easygoing. We aligned as far as our vision for the record and felt we surpassed what we set out to create together. Recording as snow fell from the sky during the second half of the trip to Haverhill, while sitting in a cozy studio, was magical. It was a nice finish after the twisted adventure we had to navigate to get to that point.

We could never have accomplished what we did without Iodine, Jay Maas, Rogue Planet Mastering, and the team we’ve built together to see this album through. We’re so fortunate to have come together at just the right time.

Finally being able to send these tracks off into the world like grown children is scary—yet thrilling at the same time. We can’t wait for you to hear the album in full!

Thank you for listening to Distortions. We’ll see you on the road very soon…

- Jolie Lindholm, The Darling Fire
South Florida 2022

Photo by: Miranda Nathanson