Iodine Recordings at The Fest 2023

IODINE RECORDINGS AT FEST: We are beyond excited to showcase so many Iodine Artists at this year’s FEST. Please make sure to schedule some time to drop in all of the Iodine Bands’ showcases this year. Can’t wait to see everyone!

QUICKSAND: 10/29 @ Bo Diddley Plaza (8-9pm)
JEROMES DREAM: 10/28 @ Vivid Music Hall (9:30-10pm)
GARRISON: 10/27 @ The Wooly (8-8:30pm)
THE IRON ROSES: 10/27 @ The Wooly (8:50-9:30pm)
THE IRON ROSES (Acoustic): 10/28 @ The Bull (7-7:30pm)
AUDIO KARATE: 10/27 @ Heartwood (6:10-6:50pm)
HER HEAD’S ON FIRE: 10/27 @ The Wooly (5:30-6pm)
DEAD BARS: 10/27 @ Vivid Music Hall (6-6:40pm)
REBUILDER: 10/27 @ High Dive (6:50-7:20pm)
LOVE LETTER: 10/29 @ The Wooly (9-9:30pm)
HORSEWHIP: 10/29 @ The Wooly (7:20-7:50pm)
NØ MAN: 10/29 @ The Wooly (3-3:30pm)
HEY THANKS!: 10/27 @ How Bazar (4:40-5:10pm)

Full schedule and lineup at: