Her Head's On Fire will be the ones who Burn

"Why stand in line when you could be the one to watch and burn."

Friendship can seem like such a light word at times, someone you played tag with on the playground or sat next to at a lunch table. Maybe you have shared stories of cutting school, thrilling concerts you attended and danced at, or those sleepovers that linger in your mind so much longer now than the actual hours you spent giggling in sleeping bags on basement floors. But as life turns and twists around in beautiful curves and difficult tangles your friends and their friendship come to mean everything to you, like looking into a mirror at a different face with the same eyes, that have known the same exhilarations, the same loves, and the depth of the same tears.

The three other men in Her Head’s on Fire are friends I’ve found after my youth and they each hold libraries worth of experiences and emotions that I want to bask in the glow of and drink down deep into my veins. Making these songs together and being on stage with them is simply the joy of being alive, the exasperated relief of finding that mirror refection in a world that can seem so dark at times. How very lucky am I?

I hope this record finds you well, I hope it gives you something to smile about, and most importantly I hope it is listened to with your friends, to become yet one more brick in a foundation of time spent on this earth together.

All my love.

-Sid Jagger, Her Head's On Fire
New York City 2022

Photo by: Nathaniel Shannon