Her Head's On Fire Announce "Strange Desires," Share Music Video


These are the most realized melodies I have been able to write thus far, but most of these songs were written within about 10 minutes. The band's existence has always been somewhat effortless. I hope that can be heard here. It's loud, fun, and cathartic." - Sid Jagger

HER HEAD'S ON FIRE, featuring members of beloved bands such as Saves the Day, Garrison, Small Brown Bike, and The Bomb are back with their sophomore effort on Iodine Recordings, Strange Desires. Available now for pre-order here.

“Strangeness,” nineteenth century French poet Charles Baudelaire once averred, “is a necessary ingredient in beauty.” A fitting call-to-mind when one hears the enlivening riffs and melodies of the band's new album. 

Strange Desires both deepens and expands on Her Head’s On Fire’s debut, College Rock and Clove Cigarettes. It has moments reminiscent of late 80s New Wave and early 90s indie and post-hardcore. There are mutations at its core that are odd and poetic in the best ways.

From the  gauntlet-throw of an opener “Cuts” through the swaggering sneer of “Aren’t I the Champion” to closer “The Rain,” these ten tunes are sidewinders—smart, literate songs about the most primal feelings and experiences we share as humans. 

In some ways, its heft is emotional. “The Rain,” for example, is rooted in both the tragic 2021 passing of guitarist Jeff Dean’s friend and Planes Mistaken for Stars vocalist/guitarist Gared O’Donnell and vocalist Sid Jagger’s father. 

In other ways, it is sonic. Legendary producer John Agnello (Jawbox, Son Volt, Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr) who mixed the record, as well as Jeff Dean who recorded it, and Jason Narducy (member of Superchunk, Bob Mould, Sunny Day Real Estate, Foo Fighters) who co-produced it along with the band. The result is an indie rock-ified wall of sound that lingers, beckoning you to listen to it again. 


The band, comprised of singer Sid Jagger, guitarist Jeff Dean, bassist Rodrigo Palma, and drummer Jeff Gensterblum — is proud to present their latest alongside the music video for the album's first single, "Why Are We Alone". Watch it below! 

From Jagger: "'Why Are We Alone' was the first song Jeff Dean (guitarist) sent me for the new album. He had just thrown down these chords that worked so well together so quickly, and emailed me a file of it. I sent it back to him written and recorded in about 45 minutes. Some songs just come together that way, you just hit a sort of 'hive mind' with your bandmates and the sounds all fall right into place. A simple straight forward song that captures some immediacy and desperation for honesty and closure. Is it about a broken relationship, is it about the lack of existence of a god, or is it a desperate love letter to addiction? All we know is we are all we have, so hold on tight, my brothers and sisters."



HER HEAD’S ON FIRE IS: Sid Jagger, Jeff Dean, Rodrigo Palma, Jeff Gensterblum
LYRICS BY: Sid Jagger
ADDITIONAL STRINGS: Gordon Withers, Cello “The Rain”
MIXED BY: John Agnello 
MASTERED BY: Jack Shirley 
PRODUCED BY: Her Head’s On Fire & Jason Narducy
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Kerin Cunningham
PROMO PHOTO: Nathaniel Shannon


North East and Canada:
05/16 - Boston, MA @ Deepcuts w/ Ways Away
05/17 - Providence RI @ Wes' Rib House
05/18 - Montreal, CAN @ Pouzza Fest 
05/20 - Saratoga Springs, NY @ Desperate Annie's
05/21 - NYC, NY @ Heaven Can Wait w/ Kali Masi
05/22 - Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds w/ Kali Masi

06/03 - London, UK @ New Cross Inn
06/04 - Bristol, UK @ Golden Lion
06/05 - Exeter, UK @ Cavern
06/06 - Newport, UK @ LePub
06/07 - Kingston, UK @ The Fighting Cocks
06/08 - Bolton, UK @ The Ramp
06/09 - Birmingham, UK @ The Dark Horse